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eliquidMEDIA is a full Managed Services & Multimedia company.

eliquidMEDIA is a full Managed Services and Multimedia company that offers: IT Consulting, Online Marketing, Website and Application Hosting, Website Design, Application Development, Print Design, Database and e-Business solutions. We have the capability to take care of all your Internet needs, with a turnkey service which incorporates all elements and requirements for a complete end-to-end experience.

Established in 1996, we have worked to establish a cutting edge internet development company that leverages web technology to its fullest capabilities.

Today eliquidMEDIA continues to experiment with new technology to expand our list of services and expertise available to you.







Past Developments

In 2005, eliquidMEDIA expanded into the digital signage market, having identified a need for a delivery system that was scalable, flexible, and easy to use. With two years of research & development, the firmCHANNEL brand of products was delivered and over the years grew to serve in excess of 10,000 digital signs globally. In October of 2011 the Corum Corporation acquired the firmCHANNEL brand of Digital Signage products.




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