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Having evolved greatly over the past 20 years, Digital Signage continues to be one of the fastest growing marketing opportunities available today. Enhancing buyer experience and store atmosphere, it has been shown that customers are up to 10x more likely to observe and 5x more likely to remember dynamic media than static.  (Study by IBM)


In 2005, eliquidMEDIA identified the market need for a creative content development and delivery system for digital signage. eliquidMEDIA leveraged its expertise as a web based applications developer to launch the firmCHANNEL™ digital signage solution to the market as a scalable, flexible, easy to use, and comprehensive turnkey system encompassing all aspects of digital signage including creative content development.

firmCHANNEL had built a strong global channel of resellers and distributors who collectively deployed in excess of 10,000 digital signs. The development team focused its efforts on strengthening its offering with innovation in its available digital signage technology services. In October of 2011 the Corum Corporation acquired the firmCHANNEL brand of Digital Signage products.

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Featured LED Project

Fairmont Hotel - Chicago, IL

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Made entirely of aluminum, the sculpture was designed to tie in with the main visual element of the lobby, a circular outcropping of "reeds". The "reed" styling was carried to the sculpture by wrapping varying diameters of aluminum tubing around the entire structure. The substructure consists of a complex, multi-element, structural truss system, which also serves as interior service access for the 30 individual LED cabinets that make up the active displays.

  • The active LED screen consists of a state-of-the-art SMD single lamp, with a pixel at a pitch of 10mm.
  • 184,320 LED lamps make up both sides of the displays that are curved outward at a radius of 120 inches.
  • A special controller and software was engineered to off-set the video content 32 pixels upwards creating the stepped finish of the display.
  • The intelligence of the controller can code 281.47 trillion colours, producing 16.7 million possible shades.
  • The brightness is controlled by an automatic light sensor, and after its initial use adjusted to compensate for its proximity to residential use high-rises nearby.
  • During direct sunlight it is cable of 6500 nits of brightness, this compares to 550 nits of a typical LCD screen.

Advertising on eliquidTV

Energizing the Outdoor Advertising Market.

eliquidTV is Windsor, Ontario's largest electronic billboard and the first of it's kind to deliver high impact advertising in the city's centre. Located in the side of the Canada Building, overlooking the Windsor Detroit Tunnel, the full color 37.2 sq. meter screen has a viewing distance of 1km that features Square Pixel® technology and can view over 68 Billion colors.


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