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Get noticed and build a strong relationship with your clients.

eliquidMEDIA's SEO & Social Media packages help to get you started on the road to the top by setting you up with the tools you need and help in keeping your clients engaged.

Today's Social Media is an important marketing channel that has a direct impact on your websites Search Engine Optimization. SEO itself has evolved greatly from the days of creating gateway pages stuffed with keywords, META tag abuse and the use of large link farms. In fact, using these techniques today can now have a negative impact on your ranking and even have your website banned from most search engines.

Google and other search engines, continually update their algorithms to include a wide number of on-site ranking signals, looking for brand mentions, social media, content sharing, engagement, mentions, linked content and relevant backlinks. In Google's, Webmaster Guidelines, it places emphasis on the quality of content and to avoid malicious or sneaky tactics.

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Engagement - Likes and Shares from social media can indicate new and interesting content. The more content is shared and the frequency of those shares is measured by Google's bots as good quality content. Also, being mentioned on social media proves that you have engaged your followers and are authentic.

Linked Content - Using code such as rel="canonical" lets search engines track all of your content and attribute it to one original source, helping to stop other websites that syndicate content, from benefiting or being wrongly accredited.

Relevant Backlinks - Spamy links that are not relevant to the site's they are on, for example, blog comments and forum posts are considered black-hat techniques. Instead, natural blacklink building, where links are generated as part of content sharing on sites like Pinterest, blog reviews, etc. is encouraged.


Promote your business, collect information, and engage your clients! Adding Facebook applications to your Fan Page creates a great opportunity to connect with and build a community centered around your business. Bring additional information to your users with a Business Profile, run contests, offer coupons, and more.

Feel like you don't have time to maintain Facebook? Sign up for one of our Social Maintenance Packages. We'll watch your Fan Page for you, generating status updates on a schedule of your choosing, as well has acting to bridge customer service inquiries with your Fans.

SEO & Social Media Packages

Standard SEO Package  
Unique META titles per pages
Unique META descriptions (approx 200 character limit) per page
Schema Markup & Structured Data
Validations keys for Google and Bing
Alt tags on all photos and graphical elements
Sitemap (XML) and Robots text file setup and submitted to Google & Bing Webmaster tools
Setup of Google Analytics and Search Console
Initial setup of Facebook Page, or other social networks
Social icons or API's linked on site (as per each design layout)
Facebook Maintenance Packages        
Scheduled Posts *
Status Updates, Customer Service Notifications 1x/week 5x/week 2x/daily 1x/hr
  • * Posts occur Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am to 5pm.
  • * Premium (2x Daily) updates occur in the morning and afternoon.
  • * Different schedules available upon request.

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